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Hemorrhoids are nothing to be ashamed of. They're more common than you would think. In fact, one statistic shows that about 50% of all North Americans have them or will have them at some point during their life.  Hemorrhoids are simply a case of weakened, inflamed veins in/around the anus caused by a number of contributing factors. These factors can be attributed to both genetics and lifestyle.
White Oak BarkButchers BroomStone RootGingerCayenne

Our powerful hemorrhoid formula has proven successful because we have identified the individual reasons that cause hemorrhoids. With this knowledge, we've combined six potent herbs, each with a specific role in helping your hemorrhoids.

Ability To Cleanse Waste



The circulation of the blood is also one of the best ways to cleanse the body from excess waste. Poor circulation means poor ability to cleanse waste from your system. Poor cleansing leads to extra build up of waste on your cells and thicker blood, thus small blood clots. Along with helping prevent blood clots, Ginger also helps increase blood circulation for natural cleansing.

Irritation and Inflammation



As a result of pressured veins, weakened walls, poor blood circulation, and inability to move waste, the affected area becomes incredibly irritated and inflamed. That pain and irritation is the main symptom of hemorrhoids. Your first objective should be to find soothing relief. Witch Hazel is a potent herb that has proven an effective anti-inflammatory. We credit this herb with the ability to provide fast relief.




One of the most common root causes of hemorrhoids is constipation. Keeping the bowels loose and regular is a problem for everyone. Low-fiber diets and steady dehydration often hinder regular bowel movements. Cayenne is an ingredient that helps the bowels to loosen and the body to expel waste and cleanse itself.

Inflamed Veins



The irritation and discomfort that you feel comes from inflamed, pressured veins. Pressured veins result from excess straining during bowel movements. When veins endure excess pressure for extended periods of time, the walls around your blood vessels begin to weaken. Stone Root is used to reduce pressure in the veins. White Oak Bark also aids in strengthening veins as it is a great source of calcium.

Circulatory System

Many think of the circulatory system as simply the blood flow throughout the body. It is so much more than that. The circulatory system is responsible for moving nutrients, gases, oxygen and waste in the blood throughout your body. This will either help or hinder your body with fighting diseases.

Properly circulating nutrition and waste is key to digesting quickly and effectively. If your blood is not circulating properly, waste can build up in your blood vessels, creating vein pressure and possibly even small blood clots. This, in turn, develops hemorrhoid problems. Butcher's Broom Root will enhance your circulatory system quickly.
Poor Blood Circulation



As a result of poor blood circulation, small blood clots can easily form. When blood clots form, even more pressure is put on the thin vein walls. This uncomfortable situation can cause tissue breakage and lead to internal bleeding. Ginger extracts will help increase your blood circulation to reduce the chances of small blood clots.

Nutrition Absorption



Believe it or not, some people's bodies are so bad with digestion, that they can absorb only small percentages of nutrition before it passes through. If your body can't digest the nutritional content of the herbal formula, you may as well be taking sugar pills. Cayenne helps your cells to thoroughly absorb the nutrition and healing properties quickly and naturally.

These all-natural ingredients work perfectly together to relieve pain and discomfort while helping your hemorrhoids.